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the QUICKIE Q700-UP M allows to stand whenever you want and offers many health and lifestyle benefits. It improves pressure relief for those who may have limited ability to independently weight shift or have to sit for long periods. Amongst the benefits of standing are: Enhanced pressure relief, particularly for those with limited ability to shift their weight independently, or who have to sit for long periods of time. Improved function and reach, increasing the ability to interact with your environment. Lessened risk of contractures, as a result of an improved range of motion. Vital organ capacity supported, including bowel and bladder function, as well as improved circulation. Deeper respiration, through decreasing the pressure of the abdominal cavity on the lungs. This can also help reduce the risk of pneumonia. Bone health promoted, reducing the occurrence of osteoporosis and skeletal deformities, by facilitating a natural spinal position. Reduction in muscular atrophy and spasticity, the latter supporting a more peaceful sleep The Q700 is our new flagship of the QUICKIE powered wheelchair platform that takes standing wheelchair technology to the next level - inside and out. Meet up at 1 Geoffrey Way Wayne, NJ 07470 United States For Customer Service, Sales, Service, Service Contracts, Billing and Technical Support, text via SMS and WhatsApp: (581) 803-6595